Everything you need to know about Swordfish

Swordfish is usually cut into steaks, which is the easiest way to deal with this fish, which can weigh between 200 and 600 pounds. Swordfish steaks are recognizable by the whorls (a pattern in the flesh that resembles the rings on a cross section of a tree).

Whorls of unique flavor

Many fish taste delicious grilled, but swordfish tastes best because the grilling process accentuates its unique flavor. The flesh is dense and reddish-colored, turning almost beige when it's cooked. It's a versatile fish. It's most often grilled as steaks and kabobs, but it's also tasty sautéed or baked.

From the "Legal Sea Foods Cookbook" by Roger Berkowitz and Jane Doerfer, illustrated by Edward Koren.

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