Fish Prep

How to Cook Fish

When it comes to preparing seafood, the brightest flavors come from fish that's cooked simply. Although some taste best when prepared using special techniques, most fish are so versatile they can be cooked several different ways. By mastering the techniques below, you'll be able to cook whatever you catch.

How to Bake Fish

Get more lovin' from your oven. Try baking your fish to flaky perfection.

How to Broil Fish

For a seafood meal that's a cinch to prepare, add more flame to your game.

How to Fry Fish

Why fry? This fast and delicious cooking method is an old-time favorite.

How to Grill Fish

Go gills to the grill with this tried-and-true technique. The heat is on.

How to Poach Fish

Whether you like fish hot or cold, this preparation method is worth stealing.

How to Saute Fish

A pan. Some butter. It's the simplest way to really get things cooking.

How to Steam Fish

Looking for a healthy, all-in-one fish dinner? Let water do the work.

Microwaving Fish

Want to release some pent-up flavor? Here's the quickest way to let off some steam.