Roger Berkowitz

Founder of Roger’s Fish Co. · Former Owner/CEO of Legal Sea Foods

James Beard Award Winner

Roger Berkowitz is a lifelong fishmonger, award-winning restaurateur, and passionate seafood industry advocate.

He launched Roger’s Fish Co. to make premium seafood accessible to everyone – fish market favorites to cook at home and prepared meals that turn home kitchens into 5-star restaurants.

In keeping with his uncompromising standards, Roger's Fish Co. provides unrivaled recipe development, small-batch production, superior quality assurance, and bespoke fulfillment.

Roger’s Fish Co. culminates a lifetime of experience in the seafood industry and restaurant business.

Roger spent 30 years at the helm of Legal Sea Foods as President and CEO before selling the family-owned restaurant group.

Under Roger’s leadership, Legal Sea Foods grew from a fish market in Cambridge, MA to over 35 award-winning restaurants along the Eastern Seaboard, serving 7 million guests a year. Roger’s career as a fishmonger began at age ten, when he started working behind the counter in his father’s fish market on weekends and school vacations.

Pictured: Roger (far left) behind the counter of his father's (Legal Sea Foods founder George Berkowitz) fish market

Roger continues to be recognized as a longtime leader in the seafood industry.

He is a member of NOAA’s Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee and is founding President of the Massachusetts Seafood Collaborative, a non-profit advocacy group of fishermen, processors, and wholesalers dedicated to strengthening the MA seafood industry.

Among numerous awards and recognition, Roger was named a James Beard “Who’s Who” Award winner in 2017, received the “Chairman’s Award for Distinguished Meritorious Service” from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, and was inducted into the “Menu Masters Hall of Fame” by Nation’s Restaurant News.

Roger co-wrote “The New Legal Sea Foods Cookbook” and continues to share recipes, anecdotes, and fish facts in Roger's Fish Forum.

Pictured: Roger and his dog Milo. Learn more about Milo here!