About Us

The birth of a fish company

Seafood That Really Delivers!

Roger’s Fish Co. is a one-stop shop for premium seafood led by Roger Berkowitz, a lifelong fishmonger and James Beard Award winning restaurateur.

At Roger's Fish Co. quality and taste meet convenience. Our wide array of ready to cook seafood includes your favorite fish market selections, such as pristine cuts of fish and freshly harvested live shellfish. Craving a gourmet seafood meal from the convenience of your home? We transform your kitchen into a restaurant quality dining experience with our prepared meals – unmatched in flavor and ease of preparation.

Using our proprietary state-of-the-art NITRO-FRESH® technology, food-safe nitrogen is used to flash freeze our products to temperatures as low as -180°F, locking in the freshness at its peak for superior quality, texture, convenience – and that unbeatable “fresh caught” flavor.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to quality, our facility allows for small-batch production and superior quality assurance. Our partnerships with acclaimed and award-winning chefs ensure unrivaled recipe and menu development.

Give us a try; we guarantee you’ll be “hooked” from the first bite!