Yes! During checkout, you'll be able to select a delivery date on our delivery date calendar. Because there can be delivery delays that are beyond our control, weather, for example, we have packed your seafood with enough coolants to maintain the integrity of your seafood in the event it arrives a day late.

We recommend placing your order as early as possible (up to one year in advance) -- and no later than 2 business days prior to your desired delivery date.

Delivery date availability can change at any time depending on product availability and capacity.

Dinner combos are not customizable, however you can always build your own a la carte seafood feast!

Absolutely! When viewing your cart before checking out, click the area titled "Gift Message" to reveal a box in which you can write a brief message that'll be displayed on your gift order's packing slip.

We do not include prices on our packing slips; however, we do include a list of your order's contents for reference.

Absolutely! We run “reely” great promotions throughout the year both online and to our exclusive list of email subscribers. The best way to be the first to know about our promotions, new products, and limited-time offers is to join our Email List!

Please note that many of our discounts and promotions have special discount codes that need to be entered into the box labeled "Discount code or gift card" and applied during checkout.

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We accept major credit cards such as American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. We also accept PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and our Roger’s Fish Co. Gift Cards and Gift Certificates. We do not accept checks, money orders, or EBT.

Enter your 16-digit gift card or gift certificate number during checkout on the payment page in the box labeled "Discount code or gift card."

Our flat-rate shipping costs are determined by geographic zones. All food orders over $99 (after any discounts have been applied) ship free. For more information on shipping costs per zone please see our full Shipping Policy.

We ship our seafood within the contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. We do not ship internationally.

We ship via FedEx. We offer delivery Tuesday through Saturday (if FedEx delivers to your shipping address on Saturdays). We're unable to deliver on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day.

Your credit card will be charged when the order is placed.

Our seafood is packed in insulated, corrugated boxes that contain coolants (dry ice for frozen items and gel packs for live and fresh shellfish) to preserve the quality and freshness of our products in transit. Live lobsters are shipped with seawater-soaked pads to ensure they stay in premium condition.

We're here to help! Contact us here and we'll reach out to you within one business day. We'll respond sooner if you contact us within business hours.

Simply contact us here.

Please be advised that orders cannot be changed or cancelled once they've been fulfilled or shipped.


No. A signature is not required for delivery and the FedEx courier will leave the package in a location they deem safe and secure. Orders shipped to multi-unit business and residential addresses will be delivered to where FedEx couriers have access and normally deliver packages. Delivery of packages by FedEx couriers to individual units in multi-unit buildings should not be expected.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or spoiled packages that are left unattended at the time of delivery.

While a signature is not required, the sender (customer who placed and purchased the order) is responsible for advising their gift recipient of the gift order’s arrival to ensure the package’s security and freshness. We are not responsible for packages that are opened after the day on which they arrive.

When your order has been packed by our fulfillment team, a shipment confirmation with tracking information will be sent to the purchaser's email address. Options for FedEx tracking notifications -- sent directly by FedEx -- will be available by following the link provided in the email.

Please note that your order may show as “Pending” even if it has been picked up by FedEx, as it may not yet have been scanned or has not yet reached a FedEx station.

Our products are shipped from our fulfillment center located just outside of Boston in Lynn, MA.

Once your order is shipped, it will likely travel through one of FedEx’s national distribution centers on its way to its delivery address.

Our return/refund policy can be found here.

Frozen items may arrive partially or fully thawed and cool to the touch without affecting their viability. Coolants can arrive evaporated/thawed without affecting the viability of the product.

We want you to love the seafood you receive! If you have any issues with your delivery and/or products, contact us within 24 hours of delivery (as listed on FedEx tracking) so that we can assist you. Please keep all products and packaging/shipping boxes as we may request photos, and in certain instances, may deem it necessary to have item(s) returned to us for inspection.

Gift Cards

Enter your 16-digit gift card or gift certificate number during checkout on the payment page in the box labeled "Discount code or gift card."

Simple! Open the gift card email, click on "Access or Send Gift Card," and fill in the blanks on the page titled "Schedule Your Gift Card for Delivery." You'll have the option to send the gift card immediately or schedule delivery for a later date and time.

To access your 16-digit e-gift card number, open the gift card email, click on "Access or Send Gift Card," scroll down on the page titled "Schedule Your Gift Card for Delivery," and click on the link beneath "Schedule" that is preceded by "Your gift card can be viewed with this link:".

Your current e-gift card balance can be viewed by opening your gift card email and accessing your gift card. Its current value will be displayed on the right side of the 16-digit gift card number.

If you have a paper gift card, send us a message including the 16-digit gift card number by clicking here.

About Lobsters

Our lobsters are sourced from the cold waters of the North Atlantic.

We’ve got your back! Handling and cooking instructions for lobsters can be found on their product page. Our full Seafood Handling Guide can also be found here.

Live lobsters must be cooked the day that they are delivered. Once cooked, the lobsters may be kept refrigerated until ready to eat (no longer than 3 days after delivery).

The soft green substance is the digestive gland, known as the tomalley. The red or black substance is the roe (lobster eggs) of the female lobster. The roe will appear gelatin-like and almost black when raw and it will become hard and bright to dark red when fully cooked. Both the tomalley and roe are considered delicacies but can easily be removed if that is your preference.

Live lobsters can appear motionless but may simply be weak from travel. A sure sign of a fresh and healthy lobster is if the tail is curled and the tail meat firm after being steamed or boiled. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact us.


NITRO-FRESH® is an industry-leading process that uses liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze seafood at its peak of freshness so that the taste, texture, and moisture content remain intact. NITRO-FRESH® locks in quality. Learn more here.

Handling instructions for most products can be found on the packaging label. For other items, please check our Seafood Handling Guide or visit that item’s product page on our website by simply searching for the product name in the search bar on the home page. Each product's page will include everything from handling and storage information to nutritional info and cooking instructions.

Presently, none of our items are certified gluten free, but our culinary team is working to create and produce gluten free options for the future.

Keep an eye on Roger's Fish Co. and be sure to sign up for email alerts so you'll be the first to know when new products are introduced.


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