The NITRO-FRESH® Advantage

Simply put, NITRO-FRESH® is seafood that's been frozen almost instantly at its prime, so the quality and freshness are locked in. Before discovering this method of flash freezing, we never had frozen fish that didn't taste...well, frozen. That's why our NITRO-FRESH® fish is such a game-changer. Finally, we can ship that just-caught taste to our customers' doors!

The nitro-fresh process

We begin with the highest quality, sustainably sourced fresh fish.
Using our cutting-edge freezing technology, we lock in freshness.
From frozen to table in minutes, savor fish that tastes just as fresh as when it was caught.

Want more science?

When it comes to freezing fish, time is everything--the quicker the better. Conventional freezing, also known as mechanical freezing, can take hours, but with NITRO-FRESH® we use liquid nitrogen to freeze seafood in mere minutes at the peak of freshness.

The method of freezing directly impacts the way water freezes within the cells of fish. Conventional freezing - like a home freezer, for example - allows for the creation of large clumps of ice that can do greater damage to the cell walls than the smaller crystals created using nitrogen freezing.

Using our proprietary NITRO-FRESH® technique, pressurized liquid nitrogen is sprayed onto the product at high velocity to freeze it immediately. Increasing the nitrogen’s speed effectively permeates the food items' thermal resistance and creates an ice crust around them – ensuring that flavor, moisture, texture, nutrients, and color remain absolutely intact naturally. This process ensures that your Roger’s Fish Co. selections last longer when kept in your home freezer.