Cod Fish Cakes (Fish Latkes) Recipe

When it comes to appetizers, this one always takes the cake.

With its dense white flesh, delicate flavor, and tender, somewhat flaky texture, cod has been a favorite among fish lovers for centuries. Whether baked, broiled, or stewed, there's seemingly no end to the number of ways it can be enjoyed. But it's when cod hits the oil, that it really comes alive...well, sort of speaking.

Deliciously crispy, yet tender and flaky, whether you're diving into plate of traditional fish & chips, or expanding your palate with this tasty Cod Fish Cakes recipe, there's a reason cod should always be on your menu. 



Every seafoodie knows that there are "fish cakes," and there are FISH CAKES. These, my friends, are the latter. Fish Latkes are a European specialty and a personal favorite of mine. Traditionally served with applesauce and sour cream, the crispy, yet tender bites of these Cod Fish Cakes are the perfect complement to the delicious flavors reminiscent of my grandmother's cooking.

Makes approximately 12 fish cakes (latkes)


4 oz cooked cod
2 lbs russet potatoes
2 large eggs
1 small onion (preferably white or yellow for sweetness)
½ cup unsalted matzoh meal (found in the ethnic foods section of most supermarkets)
Freshly milled black pepper
1 tablespoon minced fresh chives or chopped fresh parsley (optional)
Grapeseed oil

Applesauce and sour cream


Cook, then flake the cod after it's ready. Peel the potatoes and beat the eggs. Using a standing 4-sided grater, grate the potatoes into the eggs using the largest size holes in the grater. Follow that by grating the onion into the egg mixture. Stir in the flaked fish and matzoh meal. Season with salt, pepper, and chives (optional).

Heat at least ½ inch of oil in a large skillet. Form the potato mixture into 2 ½ inch cakes (latkes) that are about ¾ inches thick. Fry the cakes, a few at a time over medium-high heat until thoroughly browned on both sides; about 10 minutes. Once done, set the latkes aside on a paper towel. Continue forming and frying the cakes until all of the potato mixture is cooked.

Serve with bowls of applesauce and sour cream.

From the "Legal Sea Foods Cookbook" by Roger Berkowitz and Jane Doerfer, illustrated by Edward Koren.

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