How to Eat a Lobster

Get Your Bib On!

Time to get your claws on some sweet, succulent lobster meat. Although there is no wrong way to eat a lobster, some methods are easier and yield better results than others. Here's how I crack open a lobster so I can savor every last juicy morsel from the claws, tail, body, and legs. 



 Follow These 8 Steps:

 Illustration twisting lobster claws from the body
 Twist off claws from body.
Illustration cracking claws and knuckle with claw cracker
Crack claws and knuckles with claw cracker to remove meat.
Illustration snapping off the tail of the lobster
Snap off tail.
Illustration bending back fins to separate from lobster tail
Bend back on fins to separate from tail.
Illustration of person inserting fork into lobster to push meat out from the tail area
Insert fork where fins were and push meat out.
Illustration of person removing the body from the lobster shell
Remove body from shell.
Illustration of person splitting open the lobster body
Split open body to find more meat.
Illustration of person sucking on lobster leg

Chew/suck meat out of legs.


And how about the green and red stuff? We know what you're wondering and, yes, you can eat it! The soft, green substance (or the tomalley) is the liver of the lobster. The hard, red substance is the roe (lobster eggs of the female lobster). The roe may have a dark black tint if undercooked. Both the tomalley and roe are considered delicacies, but can be removed easily.

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