Roger's Fish Co. and the Birth of a Logo

Here's another fun fact that may surprise you: the artwork we chose for our logo was designed decades ago. Despite the odds, we knew it would be the perfect "face" for Roger's Fish Co. Can you guess the artist?

I began doodling that one fish as a child, right about the time I started helping my parents at their fish market. Soon after, the drawing became the subject of my fifth-grade book report (unfortunately, I don't recall the grade I received).

The image never really did get refined much over the years, as there was something about it that made me keep it close (and the doodle going). Maybe I've always seen it as a totem to my life's love affair with fish. Or maybe it always reminded me of my childhood in the fish market with my parents. This new venture, Roger's Fish Co., brings me back to my family's roots in so many ways. And like that simple fish logo you see here, some things don't always need to be remade, just honored and preserved.



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